I’ve spent more money on dumb stuff in my life than I care to calculate. But the one thing I’ve never regretted spending money was music. If I go to a gig and see a new band, I buy their CD. If I go to a festival or a local market and there’s a muso there with a guitar case open for coins and a CD for sale, I buy it. And you know what? Not all those cd’s were great, one I bought recently only plays two of the tracks!!! I don’t care. The point is that Artists do something wonderful, they say no to playing it safe, getting a ‘real job’ and yes to following their hearts. In doing so they bring light into our lives. And that is worth every single cent.

The Trichordist

Musicians have been getting the short end of the stick for a long time. There are no shortage of stories about the wrong doings of managers, booking agents, etc and of course record labels.

But today we find ourselves in a battle with an enemy few of us understand. If we were to believe the writings and ramblings of the tech blogosphere, than they would have us believe that our enemy is our fans. This is simply not true.

The enemy are the for profit businesses making money from our recordings and songwriting illegally. Let’s be clear about this, our battle is with businesses ripping us off by illegally exploiting our work for profit. This is not about our fans. It is about commercial companies in the businesses of profiting from our work, paying us nothing and then telling us to blame our fans. That is the ultimate in cowardice…

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