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A great interview by Deborah Stambler, published by Huff Post March 20th this year.  As I was reading this line leapt off the page;

As I immersed myself in the new album, Revelation Road, I felt I’d been listening to these songs my whole life.’

That was such a ‘Yes!’ moment for me, but even more fascinating is that every time I listen to the album I hear something new.  Now an unkind person might diagnose ADD…… but I’ve watched enough David Lynch films in my time to be confident I can stay even the most arduous course.

Let my try and explain by way of comparison; Tea & Sympathy by Bernard Fanning is an album that I love and will always love. But every time I listen to it, it’s the same album and I appreciate it for it’s predictability – great tunes with very little need for thought on my part.

Revelation Road is a relationship, now don’t lose it on me I’m not heading off down some weirdo stalker path here.  All music, poetry, film, literature or art that matters, that speaks to us soul to soul, is in a state of relationship which evolves, challenges and surprises over a lifetime.

If you missed the link to Deborah’s article at the top of the page here it is again;

Shelby Lynne: On Vulnerability and Not Flinching – Huff Post