I haven’t been listening to Shelby’s music all that long.  There are times in your life – tough times, happy times, traveling times, falling in love, falling out of love – that just seem to really need music.  I don’t think that I could possibly overstate how much I love music, I come from a family that always has music playing; classical, country, rock, indie, blues, jazz, folk, pop…. you name it, about the only genre I don’t have in my collection is heavy metal and punk, sorry but I just don’t do angry music.

So it was a tough time, a really tough time – my mum was diagnosed with cancer.  It was aggressive, it was fast, really, really fast.  There aren’t many avenues in  every day life to feel what is going on for you when something like this happens.  Sometimes I just needed to slip on the headphones and take some time, music that moves you, that truly connects to the very core of you is incredibly centering and grounding.

I wish I could remember the way the youtube dots connected that night – in the mix was Dolly Parton, The Wailin’ Jennys, Alison Krauss and Allison Moorer and it was this clip that started it all;


Little did I know that six months later I’d be here looking to connect with you, determined to do my bit in sharing all this wonderful music.